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T9 Series 4WD – Tier 4B

UP TO 682 HORSES TRAINED AND READY New T9 Series 4WD tractors give you the comfort you want and more of the power you need. High-capacity axles, advanced transmission control and ultra-efficient power engines are housed in a chassis size to match your business needs. If the extreme level of engine and hydraulic power doesn’t turn your head, the sleek design and the largest cab in the industry certainly will.

    T9 SERIES TRACTORS 435 TO 682 MAX Engine hp
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MORE POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY T9 4WD tractor engines utilize award-winning ECOBlue™ HighEfficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction (HI-eSCR) technology for Tier 4B compliance. Using cutting-edge and multi-patented HI-eSCR technology, the Cursor 9L and 13L powerplants breathe clean, fresh air for optimal combustion and deliver a significant performance advantage. With Engine Power Management (EPM), up to 62 additional horsepower are available in demanding mobile hydraulic, PTO and transport applications for optimum productivity. With EPM, the T9.700 with 620 rated engine horsepower develops up to 682 horsepower!

T9 Series – Tier 4A

YOU’LL BE HARD PRESSED TO FIND 670 HORSES THIS WELL TRAINED New T9 4WD tractors give you the power you need and the comfort you want. If the engine and hydraulic power doesn’t turn your head, the sleek design and the largest cab in the industry certainly will. Six new models are ready to fit your farming needs. For those who want a row-crop ready articulated tractor, take a look at one of the four standard 36-inch-wide frame models up to 507 engine horsepower. The slim T9 engine hood provides improved forward visibility and the inboard planetary drive axles allow for narrow wheel width settings. For

    T9 SERIES TRACTORS 390 to 670 MAX Engine hp
    T9.5O5 I
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EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE HOOD The rated power of a T9 Series tractor is only part of the story. With Engine Power Management, T9 tractors develop more torque and power as they are put under load. So, how do you know the true power of a T9 model? Just look on the hood! The three digits after “T9” refer to the maximum horsepower with Engine Power Management. You get peace of mind knowing your T9 tractor will be able to cope with even the most demanding applications.

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